Custom Model Decals

If you know any other manufacturer, please tell us by using the "contact us" link
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Custom Model Decals

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I saw some samples of this firm's work at a model railway exhibition. He can produce fine lettering down to fractions of a millimetre in colours and, importantly, in white. He can do solid colours by overprinting white. The samples I saw of lettering on railway subjects were impressive and he has done a lot of custom work for modellers in larger scales of nose art and the like, which looked good. Obviously I have no experience of the product but the maker appears to be one to keep in mind though I would emphasise that the service is extremely expensive and would need a lot of planning and cooperation between members to make it viable. My experience is that you need a 6 by 4 inch sheet for most 1/144 subjects and a custom print at A6 (combined with others to fill an A4 sheet) would work out at 3-4 times more expensive than a commercial equivalent. May still be worthwhile for the members who build to competition standard. See


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