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Simplified user manual

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To create Topic and / or post
A Topic is the first message in a discussion thread. To start, click on « New Topic ». The Post is the response to a Topic (first message) or subsequent messages. Click on « Post Reply »to post your message.
Before publishing your message (or your Topic), you can preview it by clicking at the bottom of the message on « Preview ». Once you are happy click « Submit ».
For bold, underline or italics, etc., highlight and select  the word or phrase in the normal way. It will appear between the following elements on your draft, for example for bold: [ b ] text [ / b].
To add additional effects - underscore, colour etc - you need to highlight the word or phrase AND the characters either side of it. The new character will be installed on each side: [ u ] [ b ] text [ / b ] [ / u ]

To insert an internet link, use the chain symbol. It is the same principle as for bold characters. Your internet address should appear between the following characters: [ url ] internet address [ / url ]

To insert one or more images, go to the bottom of the page and click on the «Attachments» index, then click on «Add Files» which opens the "Quick Access" dialog box from your computer. You just need to find the folder in which you have your images then click on it and «Open».
When the photo is loaded, just click on «Place Inline»
Warning: the photo appears as follows in your message: [attachment = name.jpg [/ attachment]
Check that this line is on the left side along the margin and that the other photos are well below especially if you want to insert text between each photo.
You can also directly drag your photos from your computer folder into the forum message box.
If you want to remove one or more photos from your message, all you have to do is, in the dialog box at the bottom, click «Delete File» in the row of the photo to be removed.

That's it for the essentials. For anything else technical go to the FAQ's by clicking in the first bar at the top.
Have a nice trip around the wonderful world of the SIG144 forum and enjoy yourself ... !!!!!!