Scale ModelWorld 2011

Souvenirs, souvenirs...
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Scale ModelWorld 2011

Post by teddybeer »

At the time, I was young .... :D
It was my first SMW and I was so amazed :o :shock: that I only took very few photos.
It will be better the other years ....
SMW2011 IMG_1302.JPG
SMW2011 IMG_1322.JPG
SMW2011 IMG_1323.JPG
SMW2011 IMG_1326.JPG

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Re: Scale ModelWorld 2011

Post by MikeV »

We attracted the modelling press too !
scaling down report jan 2012.jpg

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Re: Scale ModelWorld 2011

Post by BigReg »

I think I can recognise some of young Terry Patrick's handiwork....

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