The Chiltern Model Show

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The Chiltern Model Show

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Yves asked for photographic cover of some of the shows, these photo's show the stand at the Chiltern show held on the 12 Sept. Unfortunately I was the only SIG member presents, however I displayed the SIG signs but I called the display the 'Scratchers Table'.
Chiltern 1.jpeg
Chiltern 3.jpeg
Chiltern 2.jpeg
Photo 1 Experimental and development aircraft

Photo 2, a close up of the above

Photo 3,the De Havilland collection (Rather distant)

Sorry don't understand why photo 1 is duplicated

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Re: The Chiltern Model Show

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Ahhhhhhhhh....... :D :D :D
Wonderful :!: what a beautiful stand, what beautiful models ....
A big thank-you

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